Principles and good practices of communication

In any business communication, there must be some set principles that govern it.  These principles ensure that the message is delivered in the manner that the recipient fully understands the intentions of the sender. The following essay shows the principles used in writing a good business email.

While writing the email set principles and good practices that guide business communication were followed as discussed in the module. From the introduction, the email was clear about a topic that was to be addressed with the recipient and made it clear that the email was to discuss the job offered. The email is also conscious and objective. It is brief and direct to the issue under discussion as it uses short sentences and simple words. It focuses on the purpose and remains objective to the focus until the end.  The email is also consistent with tone and content remain the same throughout the email. There are no instances where there is humor in one paragraph and the other paragraph discusses serious issue of the job.

The email is relevant. The explanation in it relates to the advertisement on the website cited. The email also shows knowledge of the audience in the discussion as one paragraph in it discusses the knowledge that the author has in the organization of interest. By showing the knowledge it makes the recipient take interest in the content and the write of the email and reply. Finally, the email shows completeness. Each paragraph shows the discussion of a given issue exhaustively and after reading the entire email one is not left wondering if there was something else that should have been included but was omitted.

As shown in the essay, following the principles of communication is necessary to pass messages. It ensures that the sender explains him/herself clearly to the recipient and gives the best chance of a reply answering the queries.

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