Top Tips for Fashion Bloggers 2018

The industry – if we may call it this way – of fashion blogging grew very much in the last couple of years. With so many fashion bloggers out there, it’s getting harder and harder for the new members to get acknowledged and fulfill their dreams.

You have to understand that fashion blogging is not just dressing up with some nice, fancy clothes and posing for pictures all day long. A lot of hard work and dedication is required for someone to be an influencer in the fashion blogging industry.

If you are at the start of your journey, here are some tips that will help you become one of the top fashion bloggers out there.

How to Start a Fashion Blog

We’ll start with some basic blogging tips, just in case you might need them.

Starting a fashion blog is as easy as starting any other type of blog. This is an activity that’s being fueled by the passion for a certain thing. Writers will write, fishers will fish, and fashion bloggers will be beautiful and inspiring for the rest of the world.

However, the hard part comes when you want to decide exactly what you want to showcase on your fashion blog. Is it street fashion, or casual? It all depends on what you love wearing and not so much on what is being looked for at the moment.

Still, if you are unsure about what you are going to wear and do, you can always check out some blogs for women and see what’s the situation of the industry you are about to dive in.

Take A LOT of Photos

As you already know, the best fashion blogs always have the perfect pictures posted on them. All of the images you look at in awe have the proper lighting, the models have the best hair and make-up – and that makes you think if they have a team of artists with them at all times.

Well, that’s not entirely true. While some popular blogs might have a whole crew of make-up artists and photographers behind their photos, every fashion blogger starts off with just a camera and their looks. And they manage to have the best photo on their website because they don’t stop taking pictures too soon.

This means that you will have to take as many as you can – in all of the locations you like, with every lighting available, morning, noon, evening, night, and artificial, and in all of the positions you like.

Having hundreds, maybe thousands of photos at the end of the day will make it easier for you to choose the one that’s the best for that day and post it on your fashion blog.

Using Tags and Hashtags

If you want to get more views on your fashion blog, you could start by casually posting on your social media accounts. The posts will consist mostly of photos – which are, obviously, the main attraction. But there are two other things that some bloggers seem to forget.

First of all, it’s about tags – remember that you shouldn’t use them randomly. When it comes to this aspect, you tag the brands of the clothes you are wearing in your photos. Doing so will increase the chances that those brands feature you on their official pages – therefore, having a lot of people visiting your social media accounts and, ultimately, your blog.

People will see you as a fashion inspiration if you manage to get tagged back by one of those brands – so it’s worth trying!

Then, we have the notorious hashtags. They are used by people to find out what they like faster. Having the proper hashtags under your photos means that people will be able to find you by accident – just because they were searching for a brand, for example, and your photo popped on their screen because one of your hashtags was the name of that brand.

These ways of tagging are a great way to get some traction on your social media accounts and then move it to your blog – because people will want to know more about you and your lifestyle if you are successful on social media.

But What Is a Lifestyle Blog?

While a little off-topic here, this part could also be classified as a tip for a fashion blogger.

Before actually describing yourself as a fashion blogger, you could start off by having a lifestyle blog – where you just tell or show people how your life is every day. This will make it easier for your fans to connect with you as they will be able to see behind all of the perfect photos and such.

Yes, fashion blogger do look good in front of a camera and it’s what they do best – but when people come searching for fashion trends, they want to talk to someone they can connect to, someone who is just like them.

Reply to Comments – Talk with Your Readers

Many of the fashion bloggers out there usually keep the distance between them and the people that admire them, so to say. This means that they just pose, take a photo, post it and that’s it.

This is why we see an entire comment section filled with questions that have remained unanswered. If a viewer likes your blog very much and wants to know which the top fashion boutiques are, for example, you have to make sure that you will be the first to answer his or her question.

Getting involved with the community you created around you is something you can and should do if you want to keep it active and still visiting your blog.

Collaborate with Other Fashion Bloggers

If you find someone that has a fashion style you like and is as famous as you, you could slide into his or her DM’s and set up a partnership. Don’t think that you will get refused – collaborating is good for both of you, as one will get exposed to the other’s fan base and the other way around.

Moreover, your collaborator might also provide you with some essential tips and tricks you’ve never heard of.

Even if some of the most famous fashion bloggers out there are students, you mustn’t think that becoming an influencer in this industry is that easy. You’ll have to put a lot of work and time into your blog and social media accounts to get a successful fashion blogger.

Luckily, we have provided you with some tips and we hope they’ll come in handy!