The Best Amusement Parks in the World

amusement parks

Sometimes, nothing can lift our spirits up more than an amusement park. All that energy and those good vibes, it is said that you can’t go out from an amusement park without having a big smile on your face. Let’s see what the most popular choices for entertainment are!

Disney Magic Kingdom

Located in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, this amusement park could be called the original Disneyland’s clone. While some of the attractions may be inferior to the original, it covers more ground and you’ll have even more things to do here.

Tokyo Disneyland

Once more, when you think amusement park, you think Disneyland – and the one in Japan certainly has a lot to show. This amusement park hosts most of the original rides, but also comes with a touch of Asian culture.


Located in Florida as well, this is the second theme park under the name of Walt Disney. It’s a more futuristic version of Disney that shows off new technology rather than fairies, pixies, and pirates.

Chime-Long Ocean Kingdom

Also known as the “Orlando of China,” this amusement park is a hybrid of a marine life park and a theme park. It’s a place where you can go on a rollercoaster with a view over the marine life, being both fun and educational at the same time.

Nagashima Spa Land

This may sound like a “chill” place to go to, but it’s far from it. Packed with extremely thrilling rides and water park attractions, this is one of the world’s most frequented amusement parks.


If you’re ever passing through South Korea, don’t miss on Everland. Not only is it popular for having one of the world’s longest wooden roller coasters, but it also has an impressive Mystery Mansion and an animal exhibit area themed after Zoo-Topia.

Lotte World

Also from South Korea, this park resembles Disneyland – without actually being Disneyland. You have impressive rides such as the Pharaoh’s Fury, but also fantastic light projections that will leave you in awe.

Changzhou Dinosaur Park

Who doesn’t love dinosaurs? Known as the “Jurassic Park from the East,” this is a theme park where you can find many dinosaur fossils – in a museum that spreads over 20,000 square meters. Plus, you also have themed roller coasters and parades if you are looking for some fun.


If you’re in for the classic attraction, then Efteling is the one for you. Known as the largest theme park in Holland, this park features many attractions such as medieval-looking castles, fairytale forests, or the Flying Dutchman coaster.

Tivoli Gardens

Also known as the world’s second oldest amusement park, this Denmark attraction features many historic attractions, as well as a good number of modern thrills. The Daemonen coaster is something you do not want to miss on.

Each of these roller coasters promises a lot of fun. Regardless if you are looking for Mickey Mouse, dolphins, or a medieval princess, there’s an amusement park for each of us.