About me


“Welcome to Australia. We have spiders the size of your puppy.”

Well, I can’t say for certain that some regions may not have them – but where I come from, nature made way for an active place where fashion is definitely in the lead. I grew up in the city, where I would play with my dolls outside, without fearing that I would be assaulted by spiders and kangaroos.

Growing up, I always liked to dress up – and dress up my dolls as well. Most of their clothes were sewn by me because I wanted them to always look fashionable. Sure, my idea of “fashion” back then for them was miniskirts and tank tops – but what 8-year-old knew how to properly sew at that age?

Sometimes I would con my mom into doing the sewing, but I also liked to do things myself – which is probably why I became the fashion-crazed person that I am now.

Fashion Always Comes Back

The thing that I like most about fashion is that it never stays the same. What’s fashionable today may not necessarily be as fashionable tomorrow. It’s exactly what makes this industry exciting: you never know what’s going to happen. We may come up with something new – or we may bring back something from the past that rocked our parent’s world.

Because of this, I can’t say that I have the perfect fashion style. There are still so many that I need to know about – so many ways in which I can improve my fashion skills. This is why I read numerous blog spots, fashion magazines – and always think twice before buying a dress I saw at the corner shop.

Career Meets Hobby

I love fashion; however, there’s something that I love even more. And that “something” is writing. My plan is to one day become a writer, and use these skills to share my knowledge on fashion. I also want to write my own book one day. Who knows, maybe I’ll travel around the world and talk about each culture’s fashion sense. The options are endless.

This is why I created this blog as well: to improve my own fashion sense, as well as to share my knowledge with others. I’m constantly learning, and while I do want to make both writing and fashion my career, I still need as much advice as I can get. I hope you’ll enjoy reading my posts!